How to Calculate Interest on ITC Reversal in GST

Understanding Interest on Excess ITC Claimed, ITC Reversal, and ITC Availed But Not Utilized Within the GST framework, businesses encounter three critical scenarios related to Input Tax Credit (ITC) that involve interest implications: Example Calculation: Consider the following scenario: The table below illustrates the calculation of interest for the ITC reversal: Item Details Amount of … Read more

Tax Savings Regima in Income Tax

Tax Savings on Insurance Introduction Understanding Income Tax Savings Types of Life Insurance Tax Benefits of Life Insurance Utilizing Life Insurance for Income Tax Savings Case Study: Jane’s Experience Conclusion Best savings in income tax using life insurance Introduction As individuals, we all strive to reduce our income tax burden. Finding ways to save on … Read more

Download Partnership deed format in word


As we know that there is most important documents for partnership firm is Pan Card and deed of the partners. There are situations when firms must register under GST stating a place of business that are neither owned nor rented by them in the e-commerce era where young entrepreneurs do business remotely or from homes, … Read more

Call to undefined function word_limiter()

Here I have to limit the words which come from the database to 15 only in Codeigniter. But it shows this error: Error: Fatal error: Call to undefined function word_limiter() in /opt/lampp/htdocs/ci/post/application/views/my_admin/profile1.php on line 172 Error When we use a blog in the admin dashboard then we create a table and fetch all the data … Read more

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Download United Mods Max APK

Version V25_v2.94.X Download 30721 File Size 127 MB Create Date 19/12/2022 Download file click below button United Mods Max Features How to Download and United Mods Free Fire Max APK Conclusion United Mods Free Fire Max is all you need to dominate the FF world; with Free Fire Max MOD APK, you will get many … Read more