Add dot html in url for blogger to WordPress 2021

Initially, I started with Blogger around 5 years ago and used it for around 2–3 years. If you are beginner in blogging world and want to get used to with fundamentals of blogging, then Blogger is the best place to start with. To use Blogger, you don’t need any complicated and sophisticated skills.

Why we should migrate from Blogger to WordPress?

I started blogging over few years ago, and I started with WordPress. The reason was the same as everyone out here:-

  • It offers more customization, so you can design your blog as you like it.
  • The tagline of WordPress ‘It powers more than 33% of the internet’. Yeah, I was like ‘If 1/3rd of the website owners use WordPress, it ought to be good’.
  • WordPress provide user interface platform.
  • User friendly interface healping your business growth.
  • WordPress platform is too good for affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing in future highly recommend.

As we know that generally by default blogger gives us url with .html in our post and pages. If we are migrating our site from blogger to WordPress without losing traffic and ranking. So we need to give the url same as blogger had.

So lets start now-

Login in to your WordPress site and go to Plugin option and click on Add New as given below image.

Search for the plugin .html in URL as result will be displayed as given image below-

install and activate it. Now go to to Setting —> Permalinks and Select Custom Structure and remove slash / and type .html as given below image.

Now Click on Save Changes and check your URL will be changed and .html extension is working on it.

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