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Games for kids

No. 1: Cash Puzzler

Ages: 3-6

Cache Puzzler is a memory puzzle based on visualization cues. Your task is to put the scrambled pieces of a puzzle back together to form a complete bill. Choose between different denominations of bills—from $1 to $100—and learn fun facts about the presidents whose faces are printed on our money.

No. 2: Counting with Coins

Ages: 5-10

US The Mint website offers several educational games, including “Counting With Coins.” The goal is to teach kids about effective money management. The game takes place in a grocery store. Players must do some quick addition and subtraction to determine the cost of groceries.

No. 3: Making Change

Ages: 5-10

Making Change is another educational game from the US Mint. It focuses on why US currency looks the way it does. Players will learn about coin sizes, the materials used to make coins including copper and gold, the faces on the coins, and more.

No. 4: Peter Pig’s Money Counter

Ages: 5-8

Let Peter Pig teach you about US currency. In this interactive game, students will learn to recognize, count, and save money. Buy stuff within your budget to dress up Peter Pig in the virtual store. And then watch funny movies with your earnings.

No. 5: Wise Pockets

Ages: 5-10

Wise Pockets is an interactive money game targeted at children, parents and teachers. It covers essential topics of Income, Expenses, Savings and Loans. Explore the different rooms in the Treehouse to learn more.

Games for high school students

No. 1: Balance your checking account

Ages: 14-18

Have you ever balanced a chequebook or a checking account? Now is the time for this fun and informative simulation game. Fill in a blank register while following along with the prompts. Record your new balance after each entry. The correct balance will appear once you’ve correctly calculated the expenses. One wrong calculation will send you back to the start. Practice makes perfect.

No. 2: Chair the Fed

Ages: 11-18

Curious about monetary policy? Chairing the Fed allows players to control a simulated economy as the head of the central bank. Your task is to achieve high employment and a low inflation rate. And you only have four virtual years to make it happen. Good luck!

No. 3: Credit Clash

Ages: 14-18

A perfect credit score is the ultimate achievement. With Credit Clash, kids will see just how hard it is to obtain one. They’ll battle their way to the perfect score while learning which actions help or hurt your credit. Scenarios include taking out multiple loans, negotiating a lower interest rate, and paying back debts.

No. 4: Financial Football

Ages: 11-18

Here’s an interactive football game that requires players to answer personal finance questions.

No. 5: Hit the Road: A Financial Adventure

Ages: 14-18

This interactive game focuses on spending and saving. Players will go on a virtual cross-country road trip and make decisions about how to manage their money. Create a budget, spend responsibly, and manage debt. Hit the Road has straightforward instructions, making it easy to play.

No. 6: Money Magic

Ages: 14-18

Money Magic teaches the basics of budgeting. Players control the main character, Enzo, who tends toward short-term gratification. Kids will have to make tough choices when balancing short-term wants with long-term needs.

No. 7: Payback

Ages: 14-18

Say goodbye to student loans—virtually, at least. Payback encourages college hopefuls to think about student loan debt. It’s possible to earn a degree without taking on excessive amounts of student debt. This game will show you how. As a bonus, players can compete to earn $125,000 in scholarship money from Next Gen Personal Finance. The game is offered in English and Spanish.

No. 8: The Payoff

Ages: 14-18

The Payoff is an immersive experience that requires players to guide their video blogger character through life. Manage unexpected events and reap the rewards. The game interface looks like a mobile phone, allowing players to check their account balance and open fake websites.

Plan’it Prom is number nine.

Ages: 14-18

Did you know the average teen spends $1,000 on prom? To keep costs down, Visa’s free app Plan’it Prom helps teens and parents budget for prom expenses.

No. 10: Plan Your Dream Prom

Ages: 14-18

Can you plan your dream prom on a budget? Fill out a few pieces of information, including the prom date and money available to spend. Then choose your outfit, transportation, and more.

No. 11: Spent

Ages: 14-18

Can you meet financial obligations on a low income? Spend requires players to comprehend the difficult decisions that families must make when living paycheck to paycheck.Students will learn about making financial sacrifices when it comes to needs versus wants.

No. 12: STAX

Ages: 14-18

STAX is an investment game that allows players to build and grow wealth. This engaging, interactive game packs 20 years of investment into a few minutes. Trade during turbulent times and make bank during profitable periods. Players can compete against the computer or each other.

No. 13: Stock Market Game

Ages: 11-18

The Stock Market Game is a simulation of a global capital market. Students will learn about the fundamentals of economics, investing, and personal finance. They’ll also experience real-world applications of other subjects, like math and English.

No. 14: The Uber Game

Ages: 14-18

Can You Survive the Gig Economy? The Uber game lets players take on the role of a full-time Uber driver with two kids. Created by the Financial Times, the game challenges students to successfully pay off their mortgage in the gig economy. And it’s not as easy as it sounds!

Games for adults

No. 1: Charge!

Ages: 14-24

Credit is a convenient and useful financial instrument, but it carries risks. Mismanaged credit can add up to interest and fees. So what is the real cost of credit? Play Charge! Find out more. The game demonstrates how the interest rate, payment term and minimum amount paid can affect the cost of credit in the long run.

No. 2: Take a Look!

Ages: 14-24

Do you have what it takes to manage your own finances? graduate school. living alone. earning a salary These are big financial milestones, but financial responsibility takes hard work. Check It Out! In order to advance in the game, you must answer financial questions correctly.

No. 3: Money Talks

Ages: 14-24

Money Talks is an interactive online program suitable for teens and young adults. It includes comprehensive guides and resources for every stage of life – from first job to living independently. The program is available in English and Spanish.

Bottom line

Mastering financial literacy is critical to future success. Online financial literacy games provide a fun and educational alternative for all ages to do so.


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