Download Paid Premium GFX Tool For free v5

Download Paid Premium GFX Tool For free v5

What is Pubg GFX+ Tools?

Best, Original & Safe GFX Tool which is recommended and tested by XDA Developers. PUB Gfx + Tool is Paid App but you can download it for free from here.

You can customise resolution, enable HDR graphics, unlock the FPS limit, and tweak other options like shadows, texture quality, MSAA, and extra effects with unique features like “Best settings,” “Zero lag,” “Battery efficient mode,” “Potato graphics,” “Graphic Profile,” “GPU Optimization,” “Hardware-Accelerated Rendering,” and much more.

Download Paid Premium GFX Tool For free v5

Features –

All versions are supported: India, Global, KR, VN, TW,

Techysady GFX TOOL PRO V5

~ WallHack Problem Fixed 100% ✓


~ All Problems Fixed 100%

~ Moded WallHack Safe 100%

~ Walkthrough View Fixed (new)

~ Ultra Thin Wall (new)

~ No Grass (updated)

~ No Grass Erangle (v6)

~ Heat Notification (new)

~ Regdoll Effect (new)

~ Best Optimization

~ High Damage

~ Smooth Texture

~ Main Id Full Safe

~ Aim Assist

~ MagicBullet Improved

~ Ultra Hd Graphic

~ Extreme Fps 60

Fixing lag in PUBG Mobile:-

Use My Mod Premium GFX Tools Free to add new features, fix lags, and do a variety of other things. If you have low-end devices and want to play PubG Extreme Graphics but have low-end devices, you can fix lags and hangs with my paid gfx tool. 

How to use GFX Tools:-

Firstly, download Pubg GFX tools from our website, then install the apk, paste the key, and wait 5 seconds. When the Gfx apk is open, select one of the pubg versions and click on it to play. and choose no recoil, no fog, and fix lag as you want. and enjoy gfx files.

All versions are supported: India, Global, KR, VN, TW,


App NameGFX Tool for PUBG v1.2.3
GenreApps, Featured, Tools
Size9 MB
Latest Version1.2.3

Download PUBG Freefire GFX Tool APK V2.3

GFX for special video games helps you compose sports graphics with the most powerful ones—it’s the place where you can completely customise sports graphics for beautiful shots and easy gameplay.


[Game Tool] Superior Sports Map
custom intersection

[Gaming Booster] Running specific sports reduces lag when doing sports; clear RAM; boost RAM

[surname creator]: Create a beautiful nickname title with cool text content and an icon.

This software allows gamers to play games at higher resolutions and HDR, as well as at very smooth 60 frames per second. Plus, this tool is also completely free to use. You can use and enable all the FPS levels with the GFX tool.

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